Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is not a post about how to make egg-coated chicken with sweet and sour sauce!

I really like to eat egg-coated chicken with sweet and sour sauce!

Especially when I prepare the sauce and Stiv fries egg-coated chicken. I do not know what exactly he does, but he prepares definitely the best fried egg-coated chicken.

This is not a post about how to make egg-coated chicken with sweet and sour sauce!

One of the reasons that makes me soo happy to prepare egg-coated chicken with sweet and sour sauce are leftovers of egg- coating which we use for making little fry breads! They are delicious even the morning after!

Combine leftovers of egg-coating with breadcrumbs, add little of spices as you like it, and drop the mixture by tablespoons into hot oil. Fry until light brown, roll them so they cook evenly on both sides.

Do not fry them too long because thy can soak lots of oil, and we don't want that.

Once fried, put the breads on thick kitchen paper to soak excess oil. If I'm using them nex day, I keep them in the fridge.

Next morning, worm them just a bit, take fresh cheese, slice cherry tomatoes, and you have delicious breakfast!

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Tea said...

Hehe, pa mislim da nisam, i moram priznat da se koji put nije lako suzdrzat! Ali kad mi se jede slatko, ja pojedem, nema tu govora uopce. A slusaj, koji put i pretjeram...
Jesi mi ti dobro? :)

Joan said...

I found you through your comment on David Liebowitz's blog: yours is great! I don't know anything about Croatian food and I've already seen some very interesting things....!!! I live in Milan but am British... and love food from everywhere!

FreshAdriaticFish said...

@Tea - nista se ti ne brini, mlada si pa mozes jest koliko oces bez da se u debljas. to te pocme mucit tek kad predjes 30! Gustaj dok mozes!

@Joan - I love food from everywhere too! Glad you come by. If you are in Italy you could visit Croatia since it's very near and, believe me, it is worth the visit!