Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ain't life beautiful!

This really was exacting week!
Firstly my recipe for Green Tomatoes and Aceto Balsamico Jam entered among six finalist of Green Tomato Contest at Apartment Therapy: the Kitchen!

I would like to thanks to all who voted for me. I didn't win, but it was fun anyway. And it seam that I'm going to get some kind of present packet from Apartment Therapy: the Kitchen! And I'm such a sucker for presents!
Thanks AT!

As this was not enough I earned my very first 0,03$ form Amazon Associates!

The true is that I didn't exactly sell any book from my lists, but somewhere, there in blogoshphere there is an blogger who entered Amazone site thru mine blog and purchased some book... and I goot 0,03$ from that order!
I would like to thank him/her too!

Ain't life beautiful!

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