Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm the fourth of six Finalist - Green Tomato Contest

I can't believe, my recipe for Green Tomatoes and Aceto Balsamico Jam entered among six finalist of Green Tomato Contest at Apartment Therapy: the Kitchen

Check it out here and vote for my recipe - off course only if you think it deserves it!

Than you all in advance!


Tea said...

Bravo, svaka cast!!! :))
x x x

FreshAdriaticFish said...

he... nije bas da san dobro prosla, ali nema veze, kako kazu "vazno je sudjelovati"!

Laurie Constantino said...

Ok, I voted for your recipe -- but only after I read all the other ones -- you definitely deserve to win. I've never used green tomatoes, but you definitely make me want to!

FreshAdriaticFish said...

Laurie, thanks for voting for me. I like my recipe the best too, but it seems that we are not the majority! Never mind, it was fun and I'm glad it made me "invent" something new. That's good feeling!