Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fresh Adriatic Fish - going crazy!

We came to Zagreb few weeks ago and I needed some time to adjust to "Zagreb state of mind" which is quite different from "Split state of mind". I wanted to see so many dear places and people, and then there were so many obligations I had to do... uf! And all that time I was thinking how I should write a post about about Sunday coffee on Gornji grad, visit to Museum of Zagreb, power breakfast, visit to organic food market, my latest culinary creations... but somehow it all stayed in my head since I couldn't stop for one minute, concentrate, and put it all in writing.

I hope I finally got tuned and I promise to catch up with my backlog. Well, I have to since we are going beck to Split very soon and than it will be all crazy again!

Photo - an advertisement for rye bread from year 1936 which we saw in Zagreb Museum.

I wish I was Hercules to do all I need to do these days. I'll make my self one big healthy sandwich with rye bread. Maybe it will help!