Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WTSIM... Macaroni&Cheese Terrine

Whenever I'm without inspiration for lunch preparation I like to jump to one very simple but effective recipe: Macaroni with cheese. And if you find it too boring, just dress it up! I baked it in loaf tin and, viola, an exciting and fresh new meal was created!

Macaroni with cheese are quite simple to prepare but it does required some patience and attention because milk in which macaroni are cooked can easily burn. And the smell and taste of the burned milk are the most terrible ones. Trust me, you do not need that in your life!

Macaroni and Cheese Terrine

250 g of macaroni

2 eggs

500 ml milk

100 g fresh cow cheese

100 ml heavy cream

20 g mozzarella (chopped)

20 g Gorgonzola like cheese (chopped)

20 g Parmigiano (grind)

salt, nutmeg

In a large pot mix beaten eggs, milk, cheeses, cream, salt. Add macaroni (row, not cooked). Let it rest for 30 min.

Put the on the low heath and bring it to boil stirring constantly because it can burn really fast.

Transfer to the buttered loaf tin, put it into the oven and beak for 40 minutes on 170 C°.

Let it cool and serve with fresh rocket salad. the combination of creamy macaroni wnd cheese with bitter rocket salad is simple divine!

Enjoy it and check out this month WTSIM... round up!


thepassionatecook said...

you know, when I announced the theme I knew that there were going to be all kinds of terrines - sweet, savoury, meaty, vegetarian... but in all the hundreds of variations I played with in my mind, a mac & cheese didn't feature. what an original idea... and thanks for participating in WTSIM!

Anonymous said...

jako kreativno! bravo! svidja mi se ideja dodavanja gorgonzole i svjezeg sira (cottage cheese)! yum!

Jeanne said...

Clever clever clever! I love this idea! Great pic too - thanks for taking part in WTSIM this month :)

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