Saturday, November 11, 2006

Grandma Medicine

I got cold and as soon as my parents heard it they sent me huge amount of of lemons, oranges, grapefruits and tangerines from their garden.

That's because they deeply believe that mixture or lemon and honey can cure anything!

I have to admit that I always first try with "grandma medicine" before I run to antibiotics, pills and similar. And it usually helps just fine!

So it was this time too. Few days of overeating vitamins from this delicious fruits and I'm feel much better now. Maybe aspirin would be faster, but this was testier for sure!

Although I did eat and drink lots of these vitamin bombs I still have too much that I'm afraid that we will not succeeded to eat them before they start to rotten. So within next few days you can expect my posts, recipes, StepBySteps... for lemon cakes, lemon/orange/tangerine curds, candied lemon and orange peels...

Any suggestions?


linda said...

I'm planning to make some clementine curd one of those days. I think it will be delicious. You go simple and just juice them and mix them together for a delicious drink.

Hope you feel better soon!

Tea said...

Ja sam ti isto na mandarinama i limunima sto su mi moji donijeli sad kad su bili tu, a kupila sam jos i narance. Svako jutro ti ja cijedim sok, ne samo sto mi pase, vec radi preventive, ne smijem se prehladit! ;)
A sto se tice recepata...Evo ti jedan, jedan od najboljih kolaca koje sam ikad napravila i probala. Ako volis cokoladu i narancu, odusevit ces se :


Tea said...

a vidi, nije stala cijela stranica!

Evo, nekako sam ti je zbila, nadam se da ces je uspjet otvorit! ;)