Thursday, August 23, 2007

The most underrated Dalmatian Island

Our final destination was Island of Šolta, one of the most underrated Dalmatian Islands due to, I believe, its closeness to the mainland so no one take it "seriously". There is even one old traditional song that has verse "You can see Šolta from your window" (very dilettante translation, but I can't help it!)

This year Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2007 included Dalmatian island on top 10 Islands list (No.7 in world and No.2 in Europe - not bad?!) but they didn't even mentioned Šolta. That's shame since Šolta is really beautiful island with so many different faces. There is very picturesque and "cultivated" north side of the island with few small villages, than there is island inland with old villages like Gornje selo, Donje selo, Grohote ("capital" of the island) Maslinica... but there is also "wild" souther side with high cliffs and hidden coves... As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy that Šolta is sill not trendy place because there is no crowd so one can really enjoy it's beauty.

Well, we started our visit to Solta form south side. The first few days we had really nice calm weather so it was ideal for "savage" coves without any trace of civilization like electricity, grocery shops, bars ...

After few day of Robinson experience we needed firm ground under our feet and some fresh espresso under our nose so we decided to go to Stomorska, the biggest village on north side of the island whit lot's of coffee bars and some very good restaurants (one of which inspired the name for my blog!).